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Profitable Exploits: Lapdancing in the UK, for Glasgow City Council, August 2004


Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?

DELPHY et Faugeron

Introduction a l’édition française du rapport du réseau contre l’esclavage sexuel


– The Anti-Feminist Politics Behind the Pornography that “Empowers” Women (Dines and Robert Jensen)

– Pornography is a Left Issue (Dines and Robert Jensen)

– Pornography and the Industrialization of Sex (Excerpt from introduction)


– A comparison of Pimps and Batterers, condensed version of a longer article by Evelina Giobbe, entitled « An Analysis of Individual, Institutional, and Cultural Pimping, » which appeared in Michigan Journal of Gender & Law, 1993, 1 (1): 33-57.

– Against Prostitution and human trafficking for sexual purposes, Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality, Sweden, 2009

– Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart: Prostitution Harms Women even if legalized, Melissa Farley, Prostitution, Research and Education, 2004

– Reclaiming Their Lives and Breaking Free: An Afrocentric Approach to Recovery from Prostitution, Valandra, Journal of Women and Social Work, Volume 22, Number 2, Summer 2007, pp. 195–208

– Challenging Men’s Demand for Prostitution in Scotland, A Research Report Based on Interviews with 110 Men Who Bought Women in Prostitution, by Jan Macleod, Melissa Farley, Lynn Anderson, and Jacqueline Golding, Published by Women’s Support Project, 2008

– Votre Voisin est-il un Prostitueur? Leslie Bennetts, Newsweek, le 18 juillet 2011

– Comparing Sex Buyers with Men who don’t Buy Sex, Melissa Farley, Emily Schuckman, Jacqueline M. Golding, Kristen Houser, Laura Jarrett, Peter Qualliotine, Michele Decker, Research by Prostitution Research & Education, Psychologists for Social Responsibility Annual Conference Boston, Massachusetts July 15, 2011

– ‘Renting an Organ for Ten Minutes:’ What Tricks Tell us about Prostitution, Pornography, and Trafficking, Melissa Farley, In Pornography: Driving the Demand for International Sex Trafficking, Los Angeles: Captive Daughters Media, 2007

– In Order to Understand Prostitution, Prostitution, Research and Education

– Indoor Versus Outdoor Prostitution in Rhode Island, Melissa Farley, Prostitution, Research and Education, 2009

– King of the Creeps, Hugh Hefner Playboy Philosophy, Helen Hedmond, in Socialistworker.org, November 18, 2010

– Men who Buy Sex: Who they Buy and What They Know, A research study of 103 men who describe their use of trafficked and non-trafficked women in prostitution, and their awareness of coercion and violence. Melissa Farley, Julie Bindel and Jacqueline M. Golding, December 2009 Eaves, London, Prostitution Research & Education, San Francisco

– Prostitution and Male Supremacy, Andrea Dworkin, First published in Michigan Journal of Gender & Law, Vol I, 1993.

– Prostitution and the Invisibility of Harm, Melissa Farley, Women & Therapy 26, (3/4), 2003, pp. 247-280.

– Prostitution and Trafficking of Women and Children from Mexico to the United States, Marisa B. Ugarte, Laura Zarate and Melissa Farley, Prostitution, Trafficking and Traumatic Stress, pp. 147-165

– Prostitution Harms Women even Indoors: Reply to Weitzer, Melissa Farley, Violence Against Women, Vol. 11, No. 7, July 2005, pp.950-964

– Ten things men can do to prevent human trafficking, Renaissance Male Project Inc, 2010

– Prostitution, Trafficking, and Cultural Amnesia: What we Must not Know in order to Keep the Business of Sexual Exploitation Run Smoothely, Melissa Farley, Yale Journal of Law and Feminism, Vol. 18, 2006, pp. 101-136


– Pratique du pouvoir et idée de Nature (1) L’appropriation des femmes


– Anticlimax: A feminist perspective on the sexual revolution, The Women’s Press, London, 1990

– L’érotisation de la violence et de la subordination, quelques éléments d’histoire: entrevue de Sheila Jeffreys par Claudie Lesselier, 10 mai 2004


– Points against postmodernism

– Prostitution and Civil Rights

– Sexuality and method

– Sexuality, Pornography and Method: « Pleasure under Patriarchy »

– Trafficking, prostitution and inequality

– X underrated

– Les liens entre la prostitution et la traite sexuelle, manuel pour comprendre, par Monica O’Connor et Grainne Healy

– The-Links-between-Prostitution-and-Sex-Trafficking-Handbook


– Le système de la prostitution, une violence à l’encontre des femmes, 2002, Commission nationale contre les violences envers les femmes, sous-commission prostitution et traite des être humains à des fins sexuelles

– Tourisme sportif, sexuel et marchandisation du corps des femmes, Réflexions autour de l’organisation de l’esclavage sexuel des femmes, 2006

– Guide de la convention de l’ONU du 2 décembre 1949 pour la répression de la traite des être humains et de l’exploitation de la prostitution d’autrui

– La traite des femmes dans le monde, 2006


– Quand céder n’est pas consentir


– Defending prostitution, charges against Ericsson (against a contractarian defense of prostitution)

– What’s wrong with prostitution?

– Women and consent


– The international Traffic in Women: Women Used in Systems of Surrogacy and Reproduction , Reproductive and Genetic Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 51–57, 1989


– Pornography and Rape, A causal Model

Pornography as a cause of rape (excerpt from Against pornography: the evidence of harmhttp://www.dianarussell.com/porn_as_a_cause_of_rape.html

– The making of a whore: the story of Lara Newman (Interview of a sexually abused women + analysis)

– The people vs. Larry Flynt


– Généralités sur la prise en charge médico-judiciaire de victimes de violences sexuelles dans un contexte de prostitution à partir de deux cas, mémoire pour l’obtention de la capacité de pratiques médico-judiciaires, 2012

– La décorporalisation dans la pratique prostitutionnelle: un obstacle majeur à l’accès aux soins, année universitaire 2001-2002


– Pornography and Pop Culture: Backlash And a Feminism that is Contrary to Feminism, by Rebecca Whisnant and Karla Mantilla, Off Our Backs, Vol. 37, No. 1 2007, pp. 58-61

– Not Your Father’s Playboy, Not Your Mother’s Feminist Movement: Contemporary Feminism in a Porn Culture, A talk delivered at the conference “Pornography and Pop Culture: Re-framing Theory, Re-thinking Activism” (Boston MA, March 24, 2007), on Saidit.org

– Ni le playboy de papa, ni le féminisme de maman: Le féminisme contemporain dans la culture porno, traduit de l’anglais, Rebecca Whisnant, at the National Feminist Antipornography Conference, Wheelock College, Boston March 24, 2007

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